i am challenge
i am challenge

the story so far

The I Am Challenge started in 2008 with an idea.

"Wear the shirt with ‘I Am Name' on it for a whole year, I dare you."

Dan and Ben, who dared each other, dared to dream that maybe they could seek sponsorship for this feat, and give all the money to charity.

The I Am Challenge teamed up with World Vision New Zealand and decided on raising funds for a rainwater harvesting tank in Tanzania. As well as raising funds through events, fundraising and sponsorship, participants raise awareness of the harsh realities of the consequences of the lack of water sanitation.

The I Am Challenge takes the ‘T-shirt Challenge' and provides a framework for advocacy that can be used in any country. Over the past 3 years, I Am New Zealand has seen more than 50 youth participate with over $10,000 raised for World Vision water sanitation projects in third world countries.

In 2011, I Am New Zealand expects participant numbers to break 100. International participation is being introduced, with the challenge being accepted in Germany, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa!

Grassroots baby, and lovin it!!

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